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To meet the needs of the B2B and B2C market, we provide a full range of FMCG products to potential customers by covering a wide range of regions with our
distribution assets and logistics facilities.

Make huge rise in your brand coverage and join in our distribution network – your products will reach to everyone

Who we are?

After the mother firm DarelWafaa became a holding company to diversify its ways of investment , CapitalTrade became the firm responsible for the FMCG section which operates in Cairo and Dubai . FMCG distribution business in the Egyptian market grows year after year, as does CT firm. Importing canned food under registered trade names (Seagull, Bluesea, Yacout), Partnerships with international corporations such as HENKEL to exclusively distribute their product range in the Egyptian market .


Covering all potential
customers , offering
superior service to all
distribution channels to
achieve high customer

satisfaction and then big
market share.


Being market leader in B2B
FMCG business ,
Supporting small retailers
in fulfilling their customers’


Passion , Customer
experience , Honesty ,
Team work

Covering all sales channels

We have the capabilities to serve and cover all B2B and B2C potential customers as a result of continuous technological development in Capitaltrade systems. Using an ERP system, sales tracking applications, and an e-commerce platform assist us in connecting customers to our or our partners’ products and meeting their needs on the fly.

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